We are group of PHP and related web technology enthusiasts. The main purpose of this group is to network among the fellow developers and help each other.

This website contains community wiki and knowledge base for the PHP Developers Community, Nepal.

We are planning to have meet-ups named PHP developers Meetup on regular basis. Till now we have already done 15 meetups, 15th one was on 16-Jan-2016. We plan to do other kinds of events too. If you want to present in the next meetup please submit your presentation/talk with a title and ~150 word abstact.

Rules for presenters/speakers

  1. Topics related to PHP, general web development and technology will be given priority.
  2. Topics and presentation/talk related to new tools/technology and sharing practical experience and use cases will be given higher priority.
  3. New speakers will be given more preference than speakers who have already spoken in previous meetups.
  4. Each presentation/talk will be allocated 30 minutes with maximum of 25 minutes for talk/presentation and 5 minutes for question and answer session. Please plan your presentation and slides accordingly.
  5. Speakers must submit the topic and abstract at least a week before the meetup date.
  6. Speakers must submit the the presentation URL at least one day before the meetup date.
  7. Decision on the talk selection by the organizing group will be final.
  8. Decision on the presentation sequence and time done by organizing group will be final.
  9. Presentation time for hands on workshop or demo type presentation/talk will be dealt in a case by case basis.

Want to update this document

If you feel the above information is insufficient then you can always send us a pull request. Feel free to fork and update this document. Our github repository is https://github.com/developers-nepal/php.